Saturday, 19 November 2011

We invented Paris

This is great band. I would say that about many bands, talking about their music, their look, their stage performance. However, in this case, it is really the people I am talking about. We invented Paris are from Switzerland. But the band consists of three people playing in each of the concerts and many others who join them for a short while, and very often they practice three hours before the concert and then play in this instrumentation. Hence, their live songs rarely sound like the ones on their first album, Iceberg, which they recently published.
I saw them during a short trip to Germany in a very small and certainly underestimated club, called Monkey’s. During their gig they unplugged their instruments and played a song amidst the audience. Everyone was very quiet in order to hear them and it was a magic moment.
What also distinguishes them from other bands and makes them really lovable, is their understatement. They actually had their first tour organized as a trip of couch-surfing. They looked for people on the internet who would provide them with a place to sleep but also let them play a concert in their living room. And on each concert they found someone else for the next night and so on. They decided for this solution simply because no one knew them at that time and, hence, no one had wanted to book them. This way they just addressed their potential audience directly and hoped for their support.
I find this good believe so inspiring and their whole concept so innovative that I think more people should hear from and listen to them. So, enjoy!

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