Saturday, 26 November 2011

Paul moins Auster

You know that feeling when there is something great happening around you, but you don't have a camera? Yeah, already great.
But even better when you HAVE a camera, which it is one you got from your dad and initially a present for your grand dad, but it turned out his fingers were too large and the buttons of the camera too small. yeah, great right?
Now you're stuck with this one and try your best, but somehow it never captures the real light -well or the moment.
So that is the story behind the following picture and the reason for the exclusive collection of photos on this blog (all I have, I tell you..).

I entered a new café today and although it turned out to be way too expensive, I noticed something in the menu that might otherwise turn it into my favorite place ever.
Remember how I wrote about my passion for Paul Auster and then the picture of the table with the two pleasures of coffee and his book? yeah? you see where this is going?

Yeah, you cannot see it (as it is usually the case after taking a picture), but this café actually has a "Paul moins Auster", a coffee actually named after my favourite writer. It's the last name on the page and right beneath Shakespeare, can you believe it? Well, you'd have too, since you cannot see it for yourselves...
Well, yeah okay this is mostly for my pleasure.
I get it. - But maybe you enjoy the rest.

 Today's coffee literature.

And some other shots from the city I will miss each and every day. Magic light, I tell ya.

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